Think About “Cleaning Up”

Eat clean. Train dirty.

We all know what training dirty looks like: black dust from flipping the tires. Chalk in your hair. Bloody shins. Dirt on your shirt from the ridiculous number of burpees the Brittney programmed into the Funday WOD.

But what does it mean to “eat clean?”

The Whole 30 Program is one clean-eating method; one we’ll experiment with for the balance of January.

Put simply, the Whole 30 Program removes all grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, and most sugar from the diet. It takes a good bit of planning on the front end, so you may need a day to prepare (i.e. go to the grocery store and clean out your pantry). Therefore, you can start day one, say, on Tuesday or Wednesday this week and simply add a day or two of February to make 30 days. Or, if you’re a veteran Whole 30-er or paleo eater, start tomorrow. You know you’ve got some eggs you can eat for breakfast.

Here’s a handy-dandy shopping list from Whole 30: [Whole 30 Shopping List PDF download]
Here’s a list of resources, additional PDFs, that Whole 30 provides: [It Starts with Food, Scroll down to “FREE DOWNLOADS”]

To participate, simply begin recording your food, using the online form. At the close of the 30(ish) days, we’ll have some sort of gift-giving, prize-winning something for the person who did the most or least of something.

I’ll be posting recipes and tips here daily, so feel free to check in and comment.


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