Heavenly Kale Chips

After watching yesterday’s video about Dr. Wahls’ hunter-gatherer diet, I recognized that I definitely do not eat enough plants. I eat plenty of eggs, plenty of chicken, plenty of nuts and fruit. But on Monday, the only vegetable I ate was half an avocado and a few tablespoons of salsa. *sad trombone*

Dr. Wahls mentioned that kale is the most nutrient-dense plant. Sadly, it is not a vegetable many of us grew up eating. In fact, I only first interacted with kale as a high school senior. And when I say “interacted with,” I mean I used it to dress the salad bar at the Old Country Buffet where I worked. I didn’t think it was edible; I thought it was just huge leaves of garnish. I rinsed it off after we closed and put it in the walk-in; took it out the next day and put it back on the salad bar.

One way to prepare kale is to make it into chips. You can do this via food dehydrator, but I don’t have one. So, a more accessible way is to bake them. This is ridiculously easy, and the chips are ridiculously delicious.

Here’s what kale looks like:
kale2 The bunches at Giant barely fit into the veggie bags. Bring it home and wash it and pat it dry. Then you’ll want to cut out the spiny ribs and try to lay the leaves flat on a cookie sheet, but they’re pretty ruffle-y, so they may not completely cooperate. Drizzle with a small bit of olive oil and shake a little salt or garlic powder (or both) onto them.

kale1 Bake in an oven at 300 for about 20 ish minutes. I reach in every 5 or so minutes and shake them a little, just to make sure the ruffles bake evenly.

kale3 When they’re done, they’ll have shrunken a bit, and if you drizzled too heavily with the oil, you’ll end up with some dark, soggy spots. Fear not! Those spots are still delicious. The chips are super crunchy but also super delicate, so that when you eat them they almost disintegrate after the first chew or two.


Well, I think I got my three cups of greens today. What about you? Make sure to submit your log!


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