Creative Thinking

I woke up today out of almond milk for my tea. I can’t really enjoy black tea without something milk-like to put into it — or so I think. So, I rummaged through my pantry and found a can of coconut milk. I stood in the kitchen, shaking the can vigorously, while my tea brewed. And I anticipated. I anticipated the disappointment that the coconut milk would bring (I much prefer almond milk). I thought about how yesterday I couldn’t make it to the box to work out because my youngest was home sick, and that today I’ll also be stuck at home, as I can’t send him back to school until he is fever-free for 24 hours. Disappointing. I thought about how CrossFit York is moving to its new location this weekend (which is totally exciting, of course), but because of the move I’ll likely not be able to WOD until Monday at the very earliest.

Then I thought of how next week I’m traveling to my mother’s, where I will not only be unable to properly WOD, but she’ll also spend the whole weekend trying to feed me buttered toast.

Anyone get where I’m going with this? I’m Eeyore today.Eeyore

We can allow ourselves to be derailed by a whole host of uncontrollable circumstances. But the operative word there is “allow.” I can instead allow myself to think creatively and be a problem-solver. Maybe I’ll try to run a little bit this weekend; Lord knows it’s been months since I’ve been on the trail. I can start shopping and planning for the cooler full of food I’ll pack for the trip to my mom’s. And maybe my step dad will have some wood that needs to be chopped while we’re there. Or, I’ll lace up my hiking boots and we can venture into the mountains to find trees to climb.

It’s almost like a game I can play with myself. Ah-ha, universe! You want to thwart me?? I’m too wiley for that!

Also, it helps to know that other people are struggling and finding ways to come out on top! From the logs, I’ll share some of those inspirations:

Irene managed one day to get through a rather sparse work lunch at Panera by eating lettuce and chicken, and then smartly loaded herself with some lovely avocado and protein before she came into the box and posted a deadlift PR!

Debbie is mastering the art of the creative omelet. She’ll have to share some of her masterpieces.

Bryan is settling in to what appears to be a solid routine, even though he misses his peanut butter.

And of course we don’t really care about this, but Deborah is seeing the scale numbers decrease. Go Deborah!

Keep those logs going!

Here’s an excellent post at Whole 30 that discusses some of the effects that eating clean will cycle you through: lethargy, mood swings, etc.

And by the way, the coconut milk in my tea was not as bad as I anticipated.


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