Taking The Long Way Around

OK, so forgive me, but this post is going to sound like a country song. But for some reason, there’s a lot of country songs that deal with time and effort.

Anything *worth doing* isn’t easy. Doing things right — doing them well — generally takes a good deal of time and effort. Think of the important things you’ve accomplished in your life, whatever they might be: graduating from high school, college. Gaining a promotion, opening your own business, sustaining a relationship with a significant other. Training for and running a half or full marathon, or other adventure or distance race. Having children and raising them (for a month or for 20 years!). Quitting smoking. Losing weight. Whatever it might be for you, YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING that has taken time and effort, and you have done it well.

For many of us, eating clean required a significant lifestyle change. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth doing! The rewards are profound: better sleep, better workouts, increased capacity, increased mental clarity, improved quality of life.

Don’t settle for so-so.  Don’t expect for the rewards to be immediate. Slow, steady progress will absolutely win this race. Ever see Rich Froning compete? Calm, steady, persistence. His technique is patient; he can sustain.

Let’s sustain.


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