Let’s Talk About…

samoaGirl Scout Cookies! (You thought I was going to say sex, right? Yeah, that’s just a little bit later. Keep reading.)

It’s that lovely time of year: your Facebook feeds are filling up with friends’ sales pitches for their daughters’ evil peddling: Thin Mints, Samoas, Tag-a-longs.

I love Samoas. They’re chocolate, coconut, caramel heaven. The cookie part is just for structure, really. And of course, you only get, like, 10 cookies in a box anymore. So really, once you open a box, you might as well just plow through it.

The answer to Girl Scout cookies is Fudge Babies.

Here’s another version, with slightly different ingredients, that uses coconut
. The coconut makes this version more reminiscent of my beloved Samoas. Really, it’s nuts, dates, and cocoa in the food processor. You could experiment with proportions and additional ingredients and make them your own.

Now, the Whole 30 program makes a little bit of fuss about what they call “Sex with your Pants On.” Basically, they argue that paleo-ifying junk food, of any kind, is like a fun dry hump that will inevitably lead to the badness of full-on coitus. Put another way, paleo junk food is merely the gateway drug to heroin. Wait, no. Not quite. But you get it.

I take a little issue with this line of thinking, though. Here’s why: once you eat one of these small pieces of fudge heaven, you’ll love them for themselves. There isn’t any disappointment — there’s no unfulfilled expectation. I promise. But also: this really isn’t junk food at all. It’s dates and cocoa and coconut and and nuts and vanilla. All goodness.

And besides: isn’t it better to make out on the couch than to not cop a feel at all? Wait, don’t answer that. 🙂


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