Steak is Meant to Be Grilled

beach-paradise-deault-treesAny body else ready for summer yet?

I am. And not just because I miss wearing tank tops. I’m ready for summer because right now, it’s too cold outside to grill steak. One of the most lovely things about eating paleo is eating steak. Grilled filet, medium rare, with some steamed broccoli or wilted spinach and some homemade sweet potato fries is just about my favorite meal.

So, when Brian sent me out for steak two nights ago, I dutifully brought back two thick filets, and then I promptly left for the box to practice my snatch. I expected to return to some lovely grilled wonderfulness.

Yes. Mmm.

But apparently when it’s colder than a witch’s tit, the grill doesn’t work. ? Or something. Good gravy I am so spoiled. No, I got broiled steak. Which was still delicious, I assure you…but not grilled.

The moral here? Well, the first is that steak is meant to be grilled — and on a charcoal grill (the resident chef here concurs). But the second lesson is this: January and February are HARD MONTHS for many of us. We can blame it on the cold weather, and the frigid temps that prevent our husbands from standing outside at a grill to make us dinner. Or we can blame it on the cold barbells at the box. Or we can blame it on the gray cloudiness that won’t go away. Or we can blame it on classes starting up, which make it much more difficult to spend our days at the box wodding and hanging out with the coolest people in York county. Well, that’s what I can blame it on — your mileage may vary. Whatever: don’t let the late winter doldrums drive you to the doughnuts. Because the fewer doughnuts you eat now, during the misery of January that will. not. end… the skimpier your bikini can be during the gloriousness of July.

And remind yourself to be grateful for that broiled steak, or that electric blanket, or that warm puppy dog laying on your feet. You’re really very lucky, aren’t you?


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