Surround Yourself

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” -Oprah Winfrey

There was a person I once knew. This is a true story, I assure you, with the details stripped so I don’t hurt anyone.

Anyway, this person had a hard time staying out of trouble. S/he repeatedly found hirself spiraling out of control with drugs and bad decisions. Every time it appeared s/he’d pulled hirself from the depths of some bottom, though, I watched as s/he returned to hir group of friends, who all tended to abuse drugs and make similarly poor decisions.

This person could not COULD. NOT. stay clean or live sanely when s/he surrounded hirself with that group of friends.

In fact, to this day, this person still lives on the fringes. Can’t really keep a job, doesn’t really have an address. And it’s because, I believe, s/he chooses to live among similarly-minded people who prefer a very different lifestyle than I myself would choose.

Which is fine; people get to live their lives the way they’d like, I suppose. My point is, though, that our chances at success with ANYTHING are often shaped by the people we surround ourselves with. This is one reason CrossFit is so amazing and life-changing for many of us: people who are dedicated to CrossFit are inherently dissatisfied with mediocrity and half-assed-ness. When we surround ourselves with people who are ALWAYS STRIVING, we tend to strive ourselves.

The same transfers to eating. When we surround ourselves with people and ideas that resonate with our own goals, our chances for success increase. (Though the opposite is true, too: hanging out with people who ridicule you for your strange cave eating might be counter-productive.)

So surround yourself with people whose ideas about food and fuel are parallel to yours. The best way to do this? Convert your friends! Regale them with the success you’ve already had, how much better you feel, how you sleep better and how your hair is shiny and how your energy has increased. Be a fuel evangelist.

Or, if you ever need a supportive network of clean-eaters: you know you’ve already got one. It’s right here.


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