Kale and Shrimp

kaleandshrimpThere’s been a lot of accusations flying around these parts about someone buying all the kale in the local grocery stores, leaving none for others.

Well, I have no comment.

But I do have another recipe that uses this most wonderfully healthy leafy loveliness: Kale and Shrimp. Or, Kale and Scrimp, if you prefer.

You will need:

1/2 pound of peeled and deveined shrimp. We like the 16/20s, but any size will do. If you buy it frozen, thaw it in some cold water.
about 6 cups of chopped kale
1/2-2/3 C crumbled feta cheese*
1 tbsp olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tbsp prepared pesto

Heat the oil in a large shallow pan. When the oil is hot, put the shrimp in there and toss them around briefly so they begin to cook. Add the cheese, kale, garlic, and pesto, toss a bit, and then cover so the shrimp can cook through, the kale can wilt and soften, and the feta can melt.

When the shrimp is a lovely pink and the kale a bright green (shouldn’t be too too long), plate up and EAT. If you have grain-eaters among you, you can serve it over pasta. But who are we kidding here? Pasta is just filler.

*Wait, what? That’s CHEESE! Is dairy clean?? Well, it is if your body doesn’t mind it. Adding dairy moves us from paleo to primal (for more info, google Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson) eating, which can still be an extremely effective method for returning your body to a state of fueled functionality. As with all nutrition/fueling choices, your mileage may vary based on your personal preferences and what your body responds to.


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