Magic Banana Pancakes

bananaeggsbefore Today, I turned two eggs and a banana into pancakes. It was magic, I tell you.

And then, I made those pancakes disappear. Viola! Or Wall-La! Or Vie-Oh-La! Or however you prefer. Those bitches were GONE. Magic.

Magic Banana Pancakes:
(Makes about 6 small pancakes.)
Take two eggs and one banana.

Put the banana in the food processor; whirl. Add the eggs. Whirl for 10 push-ups.

Heat some fat of your choice in a pan. Coconut oil, butter, bacon fat. I used some (@1/2 tbsp) butter, just because I like the saltiness.

Pour the batter in small puddles. (Small puddles flip better.)

Do 20 slow, really good push ups.

Flip (the pancakes. Or, if you can do a backflip in your kitchen, I approve of that as well).

Do 20 more push ups.

Eat the crap out of them.


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