Staples and Rations

Two strategies I have for productive fueling are 1) relying on staples and 2) rationing them.

So, some staples I ration but rely on:

1. Roasted or grilled chicken (leftover), chopped with an avocado and salsa. I have to limit myself to eating this only once a day, because otherwise I’d be eating multiple avocados daily. I draw the line at ONE.
chickenavocadosalsa I’ve been also using Boar’s Head Buffalo Chicken in this dish (if you’d even call it a “dish”; really, it’s just food thrown into a bowl straight out of the fridge). I know that deli meat can be suspect, but I figure if I spend $10 a pound it’s probably mostly meat, right?

2. Blueberries.
blueberries-fresh I eat these about a half pint at a time. Well, I generally have help; if there’s a container out, my kids will grab handfuls as I’m eating them. I started buying double just so I could get my fair share. But I try not to eat more than a half a pint if I can help it. Sometimes, if the berries are getting elderly (you know, wrinkly and dry, like we elderly tend to be), I’ll eat the rest of them so they won’t go to waste.

3. Justin’s Almond Butter packets. Here again, I’m eating only one a day. I generally enjoy these with an apple or a banana as accompaniment. Also, here’s a pro-tip: once you THINK you’ve sucked out all the goodness from the foil packet, tear the packet open completely and lick the insides. There’s a good 2-3 more licks of butter left in there!! (NO! I’m not desperate. Just frugal. And in love with nut butter.) I will say: do not attempt to pry open the packet and lick out the leftovers while you’re driving. That makes for a very buttery steering wheel.

4. SFH Recovery Whey Protein. Generally, I’ll mix a scoop of this with about 24 ounces of water post WOD. I like that it is a good shot of protein, which I know I still don’t eat quite enough of. Also, by diluting it heavily, I get a decent amount of water, which I  don’t ever get enough of, either. Plus the water makes me full for a little while.

5. 2-minute microwave eggs: Put two eggs in a coffee mug; blend with a splash of milk or half and half. Cook in microwave for 40 seconds; remove and stir. Cook for another 35 seconds or so. Eat with salsa. (I eat a lot of salsa. I don’t ration it.)

6. Hard-boiled eggs. Just remember to peel them first if you’re going to try to eat them while you’re on the road. It’s a pain to peel a boiled egg while you’re trying to keep your eyes on the highway. Plus the peels get everywhere. No, I don’t know this from experience — it’s just common sense. Ha.

7. Larabars. I stick with the old school kind: Apple and Cherry Pie, Cashew Cookie, Coconut Cream. Avoid the varieties with peanuts and chocolate chips.

What staples do you rely on?


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