Making Do

Last week I sat in on a lecture/workshop at the college, where we learned about digital archive work and research. During the workshop, we had to fill out a survey, a kind of “answer these questions and we’ll tell you what kind of researcher you are based on your score” survey.

One question asked me to describe my favored cooking technique, and the answers were something like:
a) find popular recipes online
b) ask friends for their favorite recipes
c) see what’s in your pantry, and make something up

Well, because I’m a smart-ass, I filled in my own answer: “d) I don’t cook.” [Which of course made my score invalid. But anyway.]

Except that I must.
Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 8.13.20 PM
there’s only so many times I can abide chewing on a cold chicken breast. I must make do.

So, here’s me, making do. And I realize that I’m actually c) from above: I found random staples in the fridge (spinach) and pantry (crushed tomatoes with basil and garlic) and threw in all in a pot with some chicken and sausage.



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